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Chulkov Valeriy Aleksandrovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of computing machines and systems, dean of the faculty of extramural education, Penza State Technological University (1a Baydukova lane, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The article investigates phase comparators for adaptive synchronization and data recovery devices during data transmission through the communication channel, including after the "freezing" in the storage device. The subject of research is the phase comparing discriminatory characteristics and the variants of circuit implementation thereof. The purpose of the study is to optimize the choice of discriminatory characteristics forms and to develop phase comparators of increased efficiency, providing both fast synchronization mode and high dynamic accuracy.
Materials and methods. The study of the main characteristics of the class of comparators with PWM phase mismatch representation was performed using the statistical linearization method, the mistracking analysis, methods of digital electronic circuits synthesis.
Results. The authors showed the advantage of the sawtooth discriminatory characteristic, developed the dual-mode phase-frequency comparator circuits that have such a characteristic and provide fast broadband capture and accurate synchronization at tracking mode.
Conclusions. Comparison of different forms of phase comparison discriminatory features by timing accuracy and mistracking probability criteria allows to prove the advantage of the sawtooth waveform characteristics and to offer technical means of implementation thereof.

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synchronization, phase comparison, comparator, capture, phase error, charge download.

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